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.. SMILE..

Published March 24, 2012 by venusleopardas



Take some time to smile  when your sad  to rest when your sad   your tired , to love if your feeling empty, And to let go if you need to. Even “Smile”  of  an innocent baby  would  heal your wounds .   Smile is so powerful element that anyone could possess to somebody having hard times. And  you could say I’m

I’m Empty  but “HAPPY”


I’m DOWN but still “SMILING”

Feeling lost But living for a cause …….



Published March 17, 2012 by venusleopardas

Every words you expressed into a person u just got him to know is he/she valued a lot , Because you told him so. It makes him Happy, mad Or even hurt him so much .  Actions speaks louder than words ….. 

Money “!!!

Published March 17, 2012 by venusleopardas


Money is such an important needs of a person , as a song  says money cannot buy happiness? Did you believe on that . Well  each of us had different opinions in that, in such a way that each of us had a unique way in  valuing Money. But in majority ” We need money so badly”.





Money is always a great word to know, As of today  even a 1-year-old child  recognized money already. what is the use of it and How it is important.

Life is here …

Published March 17, 2012 by venusleopardas

Life means  the way you want it to be, It is your choice when you bring life to the fullest. I do believe tha even the Most strangest thing in Life would be surpassed if you believe in your life, be humble and have faith in ALMIGHTY GOD. It was so complicated , so true but instead of complaining be glad and always smile of many blessings that  you just  receive.    As this world EARTH given by GOD , we must take good care of it Always. 🙂




Published March 17, 2012 by venusleopardas

Sunsets and sunrise Gives reflection to each individuality, which means that there is always tomorrow for any failures that we got from yesterdays. And more other meaningful journey in our path, either straight path? or a curve that make’s Life challenging. Nevertheless it would make us more stronger, Stronger that before. But it may remind us to be grateful of what we have and had, without complaining of what we don’t have especially




Water, water ….

Published March 17, 2012 by venusleopardas

Water pollution is the contamination of  WATER bodies (LAKES. Water pollution occurs when pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without adequate  treatment to remove harmful compounds.

Water pollution affects plants and organisms living in these bodies of water. In almost all cases the effect is damaging not only to individual  species and populations, but also to the natural biological communities.

Water polllution made our Life more harmful now by the reason of what makes our population as goes higher. More  people throws garbage on water areas, such as seas, lakes, and rivers. Hence it was the most common reason why wtaer fishes is now less or lesser species of  fishes.



As may establishments implement that EVERY DROP COUNTS,  shows us how water is important , without it we cannot survive in such a way that it is our  most essential needs.


Published March 17, 2012 by venusleopardas
  •                 A volcano can be simply defined as a rupture or an opening on the crust of a planet like earth. This opening allows hot ash, molten rock and gases to blow off from the underground spaces. Volcanoes generally acquire shape of a mountain. Volcanoes are usually found at places where tectonic plates get converged or diverged. But there existence at a particular place depends upon many environmental and geological factors. Volcanoes can also occur at a place because of hot spots or mantle plumes. Even hotspot volcanoes are very common at other planets of solar system especially on moons and rock based planets.
  •            Any eruptions are explosive in nature. They produce fragmental rocks from erupting lava and surrounding country rock. Some eruptions are highly explosive and produce fine volcanic ash that rises many kilometers into the atmosphere in enormous eruption columns. Explosive activity also causes widespread ash fall, pyroclastic flows, debris avalanches, landslides, pyroclastic surges, and lahars. Explosivity is usually the result of gases expanding within a viscous lava. Another mechanism for explosions at volcanoes occurs when surface water or ground water enters a magma chamber. These eruptions are likely when a volcano occurs in a wet area or in the sea.